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Laboratory profile of DoLab
        Dolab is subordinate to the Institute of remote sensing and geographic information system,Peking University, composed of a Professor, an associate researcher, 2 Boya postdoctors and more than 10 graduate students. The main research directions include: (1) intelligent analysis of spatio-temporal big earth data, (2) remote sensing and artificial intelligence, (3) monitoring and evaluation of sustainable city/community development. The past several years have witnessed characteristic and systematic achievements of our lab in the field of urban landscape modeling and analysis. At present, our lab is in charge of National Key R & D Plan, National Natural Science Foundation of China, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation and other projects. Our lab provides experimental teachings of three courses, i.e., spatial analysis method and GIS application, remote sensing information extraction, and remote sensing image processing experiment for students at Peking University and the related research institutes; provides multiple data products to society and scientific research groups, including China urbanscape, urban physical area, global desert landscape, climate zoning of Tibet Plateau; provides case studies on community-scale urban landscapes to support the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

(Science, 2016)