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Tibetan Plateau decadal multi-scale local climate regionalization (1979-2018)

  Introduction: Based on the climate’s (i) comprehensiveness, (ii) zonality and (iii) heterogeneity, a time series of multi-scale local climate regionalization maps of Tibetan Plateau (TP) are generated, revealing the spatial-temporal variation of local climates on TP from 1979 to 2018 on decadal time scale. This dataset provides the regional division for TP at two fine spatial scales, local climate zones (LCZs) and local climate subzones (sub-LCZs). It fills up the gap of basic data between the gridded and general climate research of TP and becomes the optimization and expansion of the few existing static geographic zoning maps, providing basic data for the fine-scale climatological and eco-environmental research of TP.download